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Indy recently got a Container Store (yay!). I had been excited about it for months. Then, for some reason, I neglected to go when it opened. It was rude and irresponsible of me, for certain. So when a friend suggested we stop in on Saturday, I howled in agreement, “Yes, Let’s!!”

While our respective boys were wiling away the day at the winter beer festival, we made our way through the Superbowl crowds to that great store of storers.

It. Was. Packed.

There were many aisles, holding what I can only imagine to be the containers of the gods, that we were unable to browse. Still, we had a great time. And we both managed to leave with a few new items in our hands.

My favorite purchase? Definitely the washi tape…my FIRST washi tape purchase. Yeah, I know I’m probably the last person on earth to jump on board that train, but hey, better late than never.

I am super excited to put it to good use in…drum roll please…my Project Life album (tah-dah!) Yep, I’m joining the throngs of folks documenting the coming year via adorably bedecked pocket pages. I don’t have any pages to show you yet (still waiting for the darn things to be back in stock), but I will, soon. I swear.

Meanwhile I will continue to collect cute little items to be used in the bedecking process. Like these…

…which I picked up yesterday from the dollar section at Target. Love that dollar section!

So, tell me, are you Project Life-ing?


The dogs and I spent part of last week visiting my family in Kentucky. I got to spend time with my mom, and the dogs got to play with her 7 month old puppy, Foxie.

She’s adorable and full of energy. Just look at that face!

On Thursday, while the dogs stayed at home and played, my mom and I drove to Lexington to do a little shopping. First stop was Quilter’s Square. Quilting is one of my mom’s forgone hobbies, but she’s been longing to pick it up again. I was mostly there for encouragement, but I did manage to find a couple fat quarters I couldn’t resist. Not sure what I’ll do with them, but right now I can see them in a future layout.

Next was lunch at O’Charley’s, where I nearly threw away a week’s worth of careful eating on one meal…(but it was so worth it!)

After lunch we headed over to Lasting Legacy, a local scrapbooking shop. My mom is very new, newer than me, to the joys of scrapbooking, and we had way too much fun browsing the many, many products on hand. 

You can see that it was a pretty rainy day, but the temperature was 60 degrees! I didn’t want to leave! I had a really hard time restraining myself, but I managed to walk away with just a handful of goodies and stayed within my budget (woot!)

I’d been eyeing that Simple Stories paper for some time now, and the Echo Park cloud print was too cute to resist. I also snagged some Thickers and a Signo white ink pen that I’ve heard nothing but good things about.

We made a quick stop at Starbucks before heading to Target, where I managed to snag a few inexpensive alpha stickers (I never seem to have enough alphas!)

After Target it was time to head home, where we admired our new loot over a glass of wine (or 3).

All in all I spent very little money, yet managed to have a great time and pick up some fun new supplies to play with. Gotta love that!





*available here*






Before I chose to get my master’s in Library Science, I did my research. The last thing I wanted was another useless degree. I wanted to be employable, and librarians were supposed to be in high demand, what with all those baby boomers retiring, the general perception of librarians as crabby old bespectacled women, and the idea that libraries are no longer needed now that we have Google (Hah!). Except that many librarians didn’t retire when they were expected to due to the economy. And then state funds were short across the country and libraries everywhere started losing their funding and making cuts, even closing their doors. All of this = not so good for me. So, understandably, I’ve been a little down, worrying about my future employability…again. And it sucks. I’m not saying I made the wrong choice. I still think the librarianship is the perfect profession for me. I just wish I had a chance in hell of actually working as a librarian once I become one.

I’m not taking any classes this summer session, partly because I didn’t get into the class I wanted to take and partly due to the horrific experience I had with my last online class. I’ll have a full load again in the fall, but I may not be able to graduate when I expected to. No biggie, since there won’t be any jobs for me anyway. Okay, okay, maybe I’m being a little pessimistic. After all, the whole point of writing this post was so that I could force myself to focus on the positives. Like, how I’ll have a professional degree, which is still better than not having one. And how, despite my perfect vision, I’ll have an excuse to wear cat’s eye glasses. Like these:


Or maybe these:


Plus, I’ll totally have an excuse to buy one of these:


AND I’ll finally be able to use my Sublime Stitching Sexy Librarians pattern.

Things are looking up already. 🙂

So, I recently joined Twitter. I know I’m like the last person on earth to join, but “better late than never,” right? Oh, and ditto for Facebook. That’s right, look at me all 21st century and stuff. The funniest part? I joined Facebook after getting an invite from my mom. Hilarious. I’ve yet to really do anything with either account, but if you’d like to follow my inactivity, I’ll be adding links to the sidebar soon.

Speaking of Twitter, this might be the most humorous/adorable thing I’ve seen in a while:

Now you’re dog can join Facebook too! The device automatically sends pre-programmed tweets based on your dog’s movements. Freaking hilarious. It totally makes me want to start accounts for Foster and Abi. I can see it now…

fozzybear Sound the alarm! There is imminent danger just outside our door!…Oh, wait. It’s just the neighbor’s cat.

abipie I miss my daddy so much…sigh.

**I actually wrote this last week, but just realized today that it never published. I’m not sure what the deal was, but I’m sharing it with you now!**

Spring is here! And not a moment too soon. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here lately, and I am loving every minute of it. I’ve been spending as much time as possible outdoors. We’ve started some of our yard work, preparing the beds, clearing leftover leaves and twigs from the lawn, trimming some trees and bushes. Our yard can be a little overwhelming at times, and the growing things, both wanted and unwanted, can very quickly get out of hand. So we’re starting earlier this year and hoping that we’ll do a better job of managing everything than we did last year.

April is also the month when I usually assess our “green” status. I think about areas where we may have slipped over the year and new things we could be doing to live more earth-friendly. It’s been on my mind a lot lately, and it’s something I’m hoping to share with you over the next few weeks. Maybe together we can learn and grow, becoming more conscious of how our actions affect the earth. Would you like that?

In the mean time I wanted to share a site and store I recently stumbled upon. It’s called The Victory Garden of Tomorrow, and it’s an art project created by Joe Wirtheim. Here’s what it says on his website:

“VGoT is an art project posing as a propaganda campaign for new, American homefront values. The message style draws from American mid-century homefront propaganda, and the messages essentially draws from 21st century needs as found in the current environmental sustainability movement. The campaign is designed to access America’s history of ingenuity to overcome adversity, and apply those values to fighting modern problems.”

Very cool idea, and amazing results! I’m thinking a set of four would look great in my kitchen. See more of the available prints in Joe’s shop.

I have to say that don’t typically consider myself a fan of either Country Living or Kmart individually. But who knew that when they joined forces they’d create a collection I’d be drawn to. Just look at what they have to offer:

Bistro Set End TableChenille Bedspread

Pitcher Tray Table Bench

Chair Bookcase Outdoor Bench

The best part? Nothing you see is over $200! Not bad for Kmart, eh? I can’t remember the last time I was in a Kmart. I don’t even know where the nearest Kmart is, but this collection might just force me to find out…especially those benches. I’ve been looking for a few good benches.

Lately I can’t get enough of all things numbered. Like these spice jars from Antrhopologie.

Can’t you picture a whole row of them on a kitchen shelf?  And I love this project idea from Jessica at Zakka Life.

I actually have a bunch of cork coasters I picked up at Goodwill a while back that I hadn’t decided how to embellish. Now I’m just waiting for the ink pad I ordered to come in the mail…Yay!

Numbered goods seems to be a kind of a trend, and I’ve had a thing for them for some time. I recently found these images buried in my design file. (sorry for the poor image quality of these scanned pages)

This one’s from Pottery Barn, but it would be pretty easy to recreate this at home, perhaps with a chair like this or this. They also had bar stools in this same line, and I was thinking of doing something similar for our basement bar, maybe using a stool like this.

And these are from the October 2006 issue of Cottage Living, their Idea Home issue. (Oh, how I miss you, my old friend!)

See those numbered plates…I love them so! They’re a Christopher Jagmin design and are still available (though out of my price range).

Having all of these numbered items in one kitchen (or even one house) might be overdoing it a bit, but I think one or two items spread around different rooms would work. What do you think?

I’ve tried to ignore the subject and bury my shame, but it seems that I can only hide the truth for so long. It seems the time has come for me to come clean.

This summer, while I was away from the blog, I spent some time reading. I re-read many of my favorite classics, including the Brontes and Austen, but I also read some newer fiction. …No, I need to go back further than that. You see, it all started with a movie. I’d heard so much about it that my curiosity got the better of me, and one weekend while J was away I rented it. I had no idea what I’d started. I fully intended to laugh at it, thinking it would be nothing more than teenage drivel, and I was surprised…no, shocked to find myself enjoying every emotion-laden moment of it. Still, I wasn’t fully convinced. The books were the true test of the saga’s worth, so I ordered the first two the following week. I read them in two days and immediately ordered the fourth online and drove to the nearest bookstore to buy the third, thinking it would get me by until the fourth book came in the mail. I was wrong. I ended up finishing the third and then re-reading the first three books before the fourth one arrived. All-in-all I’ve read them four times. I couldn’t put them down. I didn’t want to leave Forks and return to Indiana; things here were so much less interesting.

Since then, I’ve been holding my breath till the second movie was released, trying hard to show restraint and not soak up every leaked image and official trailer so that it would all be new to me on the night I finally saw the movie. The tickets were ordered weeks in advance, and J was informed that he had no choice but to join me on the night the movie is released. That night is tonight. That’s right; I’ll be watching New Moon this very night. I’m as excited as a 12-year-old girl.

Yes, folks, I am a Twilight fan. I hope you won’t hold it against me. I’m certainly not alone, and I’ve put together a few Twilight-inspired finds to prove it to you. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend planned. See you on Monday!

1. Twilight Inspired Crocheted Cloche 2. I want to live in Forks earrings 3. Be Safe sterling silver ring 4. Yes I Read Books About Teenage Vampires Button 5. Forever Ring 6. Sanguis (blood) Soap 7. Bella’s Bag 8. Bella’s Ring

As some of you may know, J started a new job this year, one where he is an actual employee and where he gets all the many benefits that go along with being an employee (versus being self-employed as he has been for many years previous to this one). One of those perks is the company Christmas party. We’ve never been to one before, and we’re both kind of excited. Plus, it falls on the day before my birthday, so we figure we might as well go all out and make an event of it. That means a puppy-sitter, a hotel downtown (the party will be held here), and breakfast at the cafe of my choice the next morning. Woohoo! (I’m very easily pleased, really.)

According to J, the dress code is “optionally fancy.” Which apparently means that you can dress up or not and that some people do and others don’t. I say, take the opportunity to get all fancied up when it presents itself (which is rarely for us). So, I need a new dress. I’ve been doing some online window shopping, but I can’t make up my mind. There are several stipulations to my searching, like price for one (it has to be cheap, like around $50 cheap), and it has to be comfortable. Oh, and it has to keep me warm because it’ll be December in Indiana. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

(from here)

It’s definitely cute, and looks comfortable. Plus it’s a wool blend, so it should be warm. And at $54 it’s certainly affordable. The downside is that it’s gray, and I was really wanting something with some color. Though I’d be sure to get some future use out of a classic gray dress.

(from here)

I really like this one. I love the vintage feel of it, and the color is beautiful. But it’s slightly more expensive ($69.99) and I’d have to order it (there’s a local store that carries the other one).

What do you think? Any suggestions? I need to make a trip to the mall and try some things on, but ugh, holiday shoppers. (yeah, yeah, I know, bah humbug.) I’d seriously love any help you guys can give me!