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Indy recently got a Container Store (yay!). I had been excited about it for months. Then, for some reason, I neglected to go when it opened. It was rude and irresponsible of me, for certain. So when a friend suggested we stop in on Saturday, I howled in agreement, “Yes, Let’s!!”

While our respective boys were wiling away the day at the winter beer festival, we made our way through the Superbowl crowds to that great store of storers.

It. Was. Packed.

There were many aisles, holding what I can only imagine to be the containers of the gods, that we were unable to browse. Still, we had a great time. And we both managed to leave with a few new items in our hands.

My favorite purchase? Definitely the washi tape…my FIRST washi tape purchase. Yeah, I know I’m probably the last person on earth to jump on board that train, but hey, better late than never.

I am super excited to put it to good use in…drum roll please…my Project Life album (tah-dah!) Yep, I’m joining the throngs of folks documenting the coming year via adorably bedecked pocket pages. I don’t have any pages to show you yet (still waiting for the darn things to be back in stock), but I will, soon. I swear.

Meanwhile I will continue to collect cute little items to be used in the bedecking process. Like these…

…which I picked up yesterday from the dollar section at Target. Love that dollar section!

So, tell me, are you Project Life-ing?


The dogs and I spent part of last week visiting my family in Kentucky. I got to spend time with my mom, and the dogs got to play with her 7 month old puppy, Foxie.

She’s adorable and full of energy. Just look at that face!

On Thursday, while the dogs stayed at home and played, my mom and I drove to Lexington to do a little shopping. First stop was Quilter’s Square. Quilting is one of my mom’s forgone hobbies, but she’s been longing to pick it up again. I was mostly there for encouragement, but I did manage to find a couple fat quarters I couldn’t resist. Not sure what I’ll do with them, but right now I can see them in a future layout.

Next was lunch at O’Charley’s, where I nearly threw away a week’s worth of careful eating on one meal…(but it was so worth it!)

After lunch we headed over to Lasting Legacy, a local scrapbooking shop. My mom is very new, newer than me, to the joys of scrapbooking, and we had way too much fun browsing the many, many products on hand. 

You can see that it was a pretty rainy day, but the temperature was 60 degrees! I didn’t want to leave! I had a really hard time restraining myself, but I managed to walk away with just a handful of goodies and stayed within my budget (woot!)

I’d been eyeing that Simple Stories paper for some time now, and the Echo Park cloud print was too cute to resist. I also snagged some Thickers and a Signo white ink pen that I’ve heard nothing but good things about.

We made a quick stop at Starbucks before heading to Target, where I managed to snag a few inexpensive alpha stickers (I never seem to have enough alphas!)

After Target it was time to head home, where we admired our new loot over a glass of wine (or 3).

All in all I spent very little money, yet managed to have a great time and pick up some fun new supplies to play with. Gotta love that!

For several years now I’ve wanted to make a December Daily album. I’ve admired them on Flickr, stockpiled ideas on Pinterest, and amassed an embarrassing amount of product for the sole purpose of creating my own. Last year I started an album…but I didn’t even make it a week into the process before giving up. My total and utter failure was due to two mistakes: 1) I didn’t create a foundation album but instead tried to build a page from scratch every day and 2) I thought I needed to have some momentous occasion to document each day instead of simply recording my life as it was. This year I’ve decided to go for it. I’ve made an album, put together a tray of supplies, and am focussing on the simple realities of my everyday life. For once I’m excited about the upcoming month instead of anxious and stressed. So without further ado, here’s a look at what I’ve got so far.

For the cover I used an old photo album I’ve had lying around (since high school – yeah, I’m a bit of a hoarder). I covered the outside with kraft paper and used vintage wrapping paper on the inside.

The pages are 4″ x 6″ – a mini album, for sure. Less page area = less pressure for me. I also chose not to number the pages. This way I can move them around based on what works best for each day. In other words, I can fit the page to the day rather than trying to make the day work with the page.

I included a lot of pockets & envelopes for all of the bits & bobs I’m sure to collect. And since the pages are so small, I wanted to be sure to have a place to keep all the things that can’t be attached directly to a page.

The pages are a combination of the 12 Days of Christmas collection from My Mind’s Eye and Dear Lizzy Christmas from American Crafts, as well as few vintage papers and others from my stash.

The above page is made from a piece of (Red) wrapping paper I bought at Hallmark several years back. Luckily I still have a few pieces left, so you’ll likely see it in future projects.

The pockets are made from a baseball card holder I cut down to fit. In the top pocket I put a little faux snow and the phrase “let it snow,” then I hand-sewed it shut.

I plan to include hole-punched 4″ x 6″ photos throughout the album, as well as add smaller images to the existing pages. Hopefully this will inspire me to take more pictures this month.

The doily page is just vellum I stamped using the Martha Stewart Crafts doilies stamp set and Staz On Opaque Cotton White.

I love this aqua & candy cane card! It was a late addition to the album; I just picked them up from the dollar section at Michaels earlier this week. Love that dollar section! You’ll see the coordinating red envelope as a later page.

Another baseball card holder sheet…I love embellishing these.

In the very back of the album I added an envelope to keep extra photos in. It’s actually the envelope you get with your receipt when you order from Anthropologie. I love it when I can reuse things like that.

There you have it! I’ll share the finished pages as I go, so stay tuned. See the list below for links to the products I used. And if you want to see larger images, you can find them on Flickr.