Indy recently got a Container Store (yay!). I had been excited about it for months. Then, for some reason, I neglected to go when it opened. It was rude and irresponsible of me, for certain. So when a friend suggested we stop in on Saturday, I howled in agreement, “Yes, Let’s!!”

While our respective boys were wiling away the day at the winter beer festival, we made our way through the Superbowl crowds to that great store of storers.

It. Was. Packed.

There were many aisles, holding what I can only imagine to be the containers of the gods, that we were unable to browse. Still, we had a great time. And we both managed to leave with a few new items in our hands.

My favorite purchase? Definitely the washi tape…my FIRST washi tape purchase. Yeah, I know I’m probably the last person on earth to jump on board that train, but hey, better late than never.

I am super excited to put it to good use in…drum roll please…my Project Life album (tah-dah!) Yep, I’m joining the throngs of folks documenting the coming year via adorably bedecked pocket pages. I don’t have any pages to show you yet (still waiting for the darn things to be back in stock), but I will, soon. I swear.

Meanwhile I will continue to collect cute little items to be used in the bedecking process. Like these…

…which I picked up yesterday from the dollar section at Target. Love that dollar section!

So, tell me, are you Project Life-ing?