When it comes to resolutions, I’m usually a failure. I undermine myself; tell myself it’s just a made-up construct that doesn’t really mean anything. And I continue whatever self-indulgent behavior I was trying to remedy.

So this year I’m not doing resolutions. Instead, for 2012, J and I have adopted a theme. This year is time to “Get Serious.”

What does “getting serious” mean exactly? It means it’s time to stop putting things off. It means it’s time to take control of our lives and start working towards the life we want to be living instead of accepting that which falls in our laps. It means it’s time get serious about our home, our health, our finances, and our careers. We’re both overdue for an overhaul. What better time than now to start?

So look for our “Get Serious” posts throughout the year. I have a whole list of them planned already…I can’t wait to share them with you!

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