I’ve been super lucky this year in the vintage ornament department. My mom brought be a box from Colorado last month. And I inherited some from my grandma when we cleaned out her house earlier this year.

Unfortunately, my tree is a bit on the small side. We’ve decided (and I’m really trying) to keep things simple this year. That means no big tree. So the ornaments are going to have to find another home. I have a few ideas, but I haven’t decided for sure where they’ll go. Luckily, there’s no shortage of inspiration on Pinterest.

All I know for certain, is that I won’t be making a wreath. I love them; I think they’re beautiful. But I’m a klutz, and I live with three animals (J included). It wouldn’t last a week around here. So I’m looking for ideas that will offer these precious, vintage items a bit more security. Perhaps some sort of vessel would suffice.

Any ideas?