Yep, it’s been three whole years since I started this blog. So much has happened in those three years, and I’ve managed to record and share a (very) small percentage of it here. I seriously doubt that anyone still reads this thing (and with my most recent extended absence I can hardly blame anyone but myself). The statistics on the year-end statement that WordPress so kindly sent me were abysmal. However, since I am really trying to have a more positive attitude and outlook this year, I will say that I managed to do an excellent job of not posting.

So, as I enter into a new calendar year and with it a new year of blogging, I hereby promise to do my best to post more than I did last year (an easy record to defeat), and to give anyone who happens by a more personal glimpse into my life, something I’ve managed to avoid up to this point. And since this is apparently my year for goal-setting and list-making, here are the four goals I’ve set for Monkey See, Monkey Do in 2011 (which just so happen to be alliterative):

2011 Goals


*paper image courtesy of Pugly Pixel