Before I chose to get my master’s in Library Science, I did my research. The last thing I wanted was another useless degree. I wanted to be employable, and librarians were supposed to be in high demand, what with all those baby boomers retiring, the general perception of librarians as crabby old bespectacled women, and the idea that libraries are no longer needed now that we have Google (Hah!). Except that many librarians didn’t retire when they were expected to due to the economy. And then state funds were short across the country and libraries everywhere started losing their funding and making cuts, even closing their doors. All of this = not so good for me. So, understandably, I’ve been a little down, worrying about my future employability…again. And it sucks. I’m not saying I made the wrong choice. I still think the librarianship is the perfect profession for me. I just wish I had a chance in hell of actually working as a librarian once I become one.

I’m not taking any classes this summer session, partly because I didn’t get into the class I wanted to take and partly due to the horrific experience I had with my last online class. I’ll have a full load again in the fall, but I may not be able to graduate when I expected to. No biggie, since there won’t be any jobs for me anyway. Okay, okay, maybe I’m being a little pessimistic. After all, the whole point of writing this post was so that I could force myself to focus on the positives. Like, how I’ll have a professional degree, which is still better than not having one. And how, despite my perfect vision, I’ll have an excuse to wear cat’s eye glasses. Like these:


Or maybe these:


Plus, I’ll totally have an excuse to buy one of these:


AND I’ll finally be able to use my Sublime Stitching Sexy Librarians pattern.

Things are looking up already. 🙂