So, I recently joined Twitter. I know I’m like the last person on earth to join, but “better late than never,” right? Oh, and ditto for Facebook. That’s right, look at me all 21st century and stuff. The funniest part? I joined Facebook after getting an invite from my mom. Hilarious. I’ve yet to really do anything with either account, but if you’d like to follow my inactivity, I’ll be adding links to the sidebar soon.

Speaking of Twitter, this might be the most humorous/adorable thing I’ve seen in a while:

Now you’re dog can join Facebook too! The device automatically sends pre-programmed tweets based on your dog’s movements. Freaking hilarious. It totally makes me want to start accounts for Foster and Abi. I can see it now…

fozzybear Sound the alarm! There is imminent danger just outside our door!…Oh, wait. It’s just the neighbor’s cat.

abipie I miss my daddy so much…sigh.