Tuesday J and I went to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert. It was an amazing show. She’s kinda my idol…and I’m pretty sure I’ll be purchasing a uke in the near future.

One of my favorite parts of the show was her cover of Radiohead’s Creep. This video isn’t from the show I saw, but she is wearing the same dress, so…

Her opening act was a guy named Matt Morris. His voice reminded me of Justin Timberlake’s. Turns out they’re friends. They were on the Mickey Mouse Club together. Did any of you watch that show? I was totally addicted for a while. And I SO wanted to be on the show. I remember one time they advertised that they were going to do an audition tour, but of course they didn’t come anywhere near my small Nebraska town. Sad.

Anyway, here’s a little taste of Matt Morris.