Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here in Indiana, we enjoyed a little taste of spring yesterday – it was 55 degrees outside! And despite the fact that it was raining off and on, it was a much-welcomed break from the cold temperatures. The pups were also very happy happy to have a little extra outdoors time, a rare treat in January. It has me itching for spring to arrive!

Yesterday was an all-around awesome day. We had friends over for the Colts game (which they won!) and a pizza party sponsored by Digiorno. I had applied a while back through House Party and was chosen as one of the lucky hosts, so our pizza was provided  by them (along with some other fun items). Who doesn’t love free pizza?! I’ll admit that I’m not a huge football fan, but the excitement involved with the big games is contagious and that always makes the atmosphere fun. Of course, our buddy Mr. Brown helps makes things fun too. 🙂