Due to a holiday hard drive crash, I am currently sans laptop, not to mention everything it contained. Backup your work people, seriously, do it…right now. The crappy part is that I’d been bugging J to get me an external drive to do just that for, like, two months. We even went to the store once to get one, but they didn’t have exactly what I was looking for. So incredibly frustrating! So for now I’m using our old desktop and trying not to cry over everything I may have lost until I know for sure that there’s no getting it back. (Sniff, sniff.)

Sorry if I’m not around much these days, but I can’t imagine that my regular posts (if you could call them regular) will resume until this whole situation is remedied. I do have some things planned for the near future, and I hope to fill you in on them soon, despite this setback.

Anyway, hope you all had an excellent holiday and are enjoying the new year. Here’s hoping I’ll be back here soon!