Lately I can’t get enough of all things numbered. Like these spice jars from Antrhopologie.

Can’t you picture a whole row of them on a kitchen shelf?  And I love this project idea from Jessica at Zakka Life.

I actually have a bunch of cork coasters I picked up at Goodwill a while back that I hadn’t decided how to embellish. Now I’m just waiting for the ink pad I ordered to come in the mail…Yay!

Numbered goods seems to be a kind of a trend, and I’ve had a thing for them for some time. I recently found these images buried in my design file. (sorry for the poor image quality of these scanned pages)

This one’s from Pottery Barn, but it would be pretty easy to recreate this at home, perhaps with a chair like this or this. They also had bar stools in this same line, and I was thinking of doing something similar for our basement bar, maybe using a stool like this.

And these are from the October 2006 issue of Cottage Living, their Idea Home issue. (Oh, how I miss you, my old friend!)

See those numbered plates…I love them so! They’re a Christopher Jagmin design and are still available (though out of my price range).

Having all of these numbered items in one kitchen (or even one house) might be overdoing it a bit, but I think one or two items spread around different rooms would work. What do you think?