I’ve tried to ignore the subject and bury my shame, but it seems that I can only hide the truth for so long. It seems the time has come for me to come clean.

This summer, while I was away from the blog, I spent some time reading. I re-read many of my favorite classics, including the Brontes and Austen, but I also read some newer fiction. …No, I need to go back further than that. You see, it all started with a movie. I’d heard so much about it that my curiosity got the better of me, and one weekend while J was away I rented it. I had no idea what I’d started. I fully intended to laugh at it, thinking it would be nothing more than teenage drivel, and I was surprised…no, shocked to find myself enjoying every emotion-laden moment of it. Still, I wasn’t fully convinced. The books were the true test of the saga’s worth, so I ordered the first two the following week. I read them in two days and immediately ordered the fourth online and drove to the nearest bookstore to buy the third, thinking it would get me by until the fourth book came in the mail. I was wrong. I ended up finishing the third and then re-reading the first three books before the fourth one arrived. All-in-all I’ve read them four times. I couldn’t put them down. I didn’t want to leave Forks and return to Indiana; things here were so much less interesting.

Since then, I’ve been holding my breath till the second movie was released, trying hard to show restraint and not soak up every leaked image and official trailer so that it would all be new to me on the night I finally saw the movie. The tickets were ordered weeks in advance, and J was informed that he had no choice but to join me on the night the movie is released. That night is tonight. That’s right; I’ll be watching New Moon this very night. I’m as excited as a 12-year-old girl.

Yes, folks, I am a Twilight fan. I hope you won’t hold it against me. I’m certainly not alone, and I’ve put together a few Twilight-inspired finds to prove it to you. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend planned. See you on Monday!

1. Twilight Inspired Crocheted Cloche 2. I want to live in Forks earrings 3. Be Safe sterling silver ring 4. Yes I Read Books About Teenage Vampires Button 5. Forever Ring 6. Sanguis (blood) Soap 7. Bella’s Bag 8. Bella’s Ring