I hate to admit it, but the majority of our evenings are spent in front of the TV. J’s not so good at getting to work before 9:00, so by the time he gets home and we have a late supper, there isn’t a whole lot left to the day. And we both usually feel like crashing on the couch and watching something that will take our minds off of our day-to-day worries. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many non-animated television shows that J will watch, and he tends to get pretty bored with most of the shows that interest him in the beginning. One of the shows that’s managed to intrigue him is Mad Men. We started watching the first two seasons on DVD a couple months ago, and we are both hooked. We haven’t caught up to the season that’s currently running yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long till we do. I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t yet. It’s worth it just to see the fashion and sets if nothing else. And for a little fun, you can Mad Men yourself here or find out which Mad Man you are here.