When I picked them up, nearly four weeks ago, they were small enough to fit inside the palm of my hand. They told me that they had been abandoned and that they were only five weeks old. Luckily they were healthy, and in order to make sure they stayed that way it was important to have them fostered and kept separate from the other animals at the Humane Society. How could I not help?

At first they were scared of me – and understandably so. I would be scared of anything that much bigger than me too. But eventually they began to trust me and even enjoy being around me. They would play on me like I was a jungle gym, stopping every now and then for a cuddle. It was unexpectedly fun having them around.

Cheetos is the more playful one. He follows my every movement with his adorably buggy little eyes, waiting for the opportunity to pounce.

Pringles is more adventurous and is always the first to figure out how to climb, jump, or otherwise surmount any obstacle. He’s also the more cuddly one and is content to just lay in my arms.

This week they turned eight weeks old, making them finally eligible for adoption. So I returned them to the Humane Society, where hopefully they will each find a loving family to go home with. It was a little sad saying goodbye for the first time, but I know that someone will love them at least as much as I have. My time and energy is better spent taking care of the next little bunch in need of love and attention.

If you live in the Indianapolis area, you can find Pringles and Cheetos, along with many other adorable animals up for adoption at the Hamilton County Humane Society. For other parts of the country, Petfinder is an excellent way to find animals in need of loving homes. And if you’re able, the website also provides a list of shelters in your area, who I’m sure would appreciate any help you can give them, whether through fostering, donations, or volunteering.