For a short time while I was in high school my family owned a pair of goats. I have no idea why we had them or where they came from, but I remember thinking they were pretty cool. They mostly just hung out with the dogs. I used to talk to them (in their own language), and I have to say that at the time I could do a pretty convincing impersonation.

Pretty much from the time we moved in together I’ve been trying to convince J that we really do need a goat. I keep telling him, “think of all the time you’ll save not having to mow the yard”…but I’m afraid he’s not buyin’ it. So if I can’t have a goat in my yard, I figure I should at least be able to have a wall of them in my home. Leave it to the lovely artists of Etsy to answer this lonely goatherd’s prayers.

from Hot Digital Dog

from Sharon Montrose

from Berkley Illustration

Of course if goats aren’t your thing, all three artists offer other adorable animals to add to your fold. Happy Monday!