Jenny over at Allsorts posted a fun little game I thought I’d share with all of you. To play, just Google the phrase “unfortunately, _______” adding your name to the blank. Then prepare yourself for some hilarious results. Here’s a few of the better ones my search returned.

“Unfortunately, Krystal did not turn out and I decided not to breed her.”

“Unfortunately, Krystal was staring at the counter top, not really paying any attention to the drawer anymore.”

“Unfortunately, Krystal has influenced the plot way more than wolf.”

“Unfortunately, Krystal missed the night of rambling Germans because she was too ‘tired’ from the night at Cheeky Monkeys.”

“Unfortunately, Krystal predominantly uses a form of media that does not allow people to see her.”

“Unfortunately, Krystal was on medication so she could not drink and I bought light beer because I cant remember who to read.”

“Unfortunately, Krystal ate their identical twin the moment they were born.”

Ahhh…too funny. I think the one about Germans and Cheeky Monkeys is my fave. You should definitely give it a try for yourself. I’d love to hear some of your results!