• …craving some serious spring cleaning. It’s not just that I’m anxious for spring (which I am) or that our house needs cleaning (which it does). What I’m craving is that once-a-year-top-to-bottom-get-out-your-white-gloves kinda cleaning. The kind of cleaning that is absolutely impossible to accomplish with muddy paws and boots traipsing through the house every time the door opens. What we need is a nice long string of warm sunny days to dry everything out. And oh how I’d love some of that spring smell that wafts through the house the first time it’s warm enough to open doors and windows. C’mon spring!
  • …looking for the perfect table to go in our kitchen and having zero luck finding one. I want a counter-height, white pedestal table that’s no more than 36″ in diameter and two matching chairs…preferably for less than $500. Am I asking too much? Something like this, except I don’t want upholstered chairs and 42″ is just too big for our space. Any suggestions?
  • …longing to find a way to get my large book collection out of the coat closet and more accessible for…you know…reading. You’d think the answer would be to simply get a bookcase, but nothing is ever that simple with me. I’m thinking more along the lines of a built-in looking library, maybe in the living room, and maybe with some enclosed storage for non-book items. Got any ideas?
  • …thinking about making more of my own household cleaners. Dishwasher detergent looks pretty easy. And maybe I’d even try laundry detergent, though it does look a little more complicated. Have any of you tried either of these?
  • …trying to organize my craft room…again. I started a major renovation almost a year ago, but still haven’t managed to finish the details. I’d really love to have this space organized and more usable. I know this is the reason I haven’t been feeling very creative lately. It’s hard to get inspired when your surrounded by pile upon pile of “stuff.” So it’s a work in progress. I promise to show pictures if I ever get it finished.
  • And finally, just because posts without pictures bore me, here’s a pic of one of the little squirrels that hang out on our deck. I’ve been trying to get a picture of this little sucker since we moved in. It took bating him with corn to get the job done (though it’s still a pretty crappy photo…oh well).

little squirrel