It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Thrifty Thursday; I was beginning to think I’d lost my thrifting mojo. Then earlier this week I stopped into a local Goodwill on a whim and found tons of great stuff. Looks like my mojo’s back!

The first place I look at nearly all thrift store is the book section. This time I found a bunch of vintage craft books.

This one is my favorite. It’s a children’s craft book published in 1965. It’s full of kitchy little projects, some of which I can’t wait to try!

I also found a bag of cookie cutters and a little shaker. Some are clearly new, but others look vintage.

I love the little shaker! It’ll be perfect for sprinkling powdered sugar on all our sweet treats. The other thing in the photo is a double-boiler. I’ve been wanting to pick one up for ages to use for melting wax. For two dollars I’ll be able to save my good pots and pans from a waxy death.

I also found a couple letter holders that will find a happy home in my craft room (perhaps after a colorful coat of paint).

My final find was a very ornate mirror. It’s old, but not that old. And the frame is plastic! But I figure after it’s given a coat of paint (paint fixes everything!) and hung on then wall no one will ever know the difference. The best part about it was that I got it for $2.99! It was marked $5.99, but when I brought it up to the cashier she said she couldn’t see charging me that much and knocked down the price. I didn’t even have to ask! Gotta love that.

And since I never got around to sharing them last week, I thought I’d also show you some buttons I picked up at a local antique mall. I probably paid too much for them (I guess I don’t really know the going rate for buttons), but they were worth it to me. There was a bag of pink buttons….

…and a bag of green buttons.

That’s all the thrifty goodness I have for now. Hopefully my streak keeps going and I’ll have more to share next week. But these things can be fickle, so who knows. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.