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I hope you all enjoy the holiday!


By the way, I’ll be updating the shoppe over the weekend (between meals and shopping trips), so check back for some new ornaments!

I was going to wait till I received my order, but Amanda is having a giveaway that I just had to get in on. Last week I ordered this adorable cookie cutter set from her site, Bake It Pretty.

Aren’t they charming? They’ll be perfect for our woodland themed holidays this year. I can’t wait to make cute little sugar cookies with them!

And right now she is giving away a $30 gift certificate ($50 if you do a blog mention…hence the not waiting till I get my package). Go here to enter. And make sure you check out Bake It Pretty. I was seriously so excited when I found this store (via Vintage Fern). They have the most adorable vintage-inspired cake/cupcake decorations and paper liners. You should go there now.

The Shoppe is currently up and running!

I’ll be gradually posting more items over the next couple of days, so keep checking back for updates.


*Check back for more info!*

About a two weeks ago I found some fleece material in the remnant bin at the fabric store, so I decided to make some fingerless gloves. Today I finally got around to taking pictures to share with you.

See how the fleece is already looking a little worn? That’s because I’ve hardly taken them off since I finished them.

Looks like they’ve collected a few Abi hairs, like everything else in our house – Oh, but I have something to fix that. One of these arrived at my door today.

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I never thought a vacuum could make me so happy. Yay for warm hands and clean floors!

So I was sitting here trying to overcome my crappy mood with some blog-reading therapy when I came across Helen’s post linking us to her cards at Have you seen them? They’re adorable! I want them all…and not just the holiday ones, but ALL of them.

The only bad thing? I just sent out crappy email invitations for our ThanksMas party not five minutes ago becuase I hadn’t been able to come up with an affordable customized paper version in time…then I find Helen’s. Damnit! So to all of you who read this and recieved a ThanksMas evite, here’s the invitation I wish I had sent:

Cute, right? Yeah…I know.

Maybe if I buy some of the other cards I’ll feel better. 🙂

This morning I asked J if he knew where the hell all my time was going, because I swear I’m losing hours (if not days). I feel constantly busy, and yet nothing seems to really be getting done (well, nothing that’s supposed to get done). I have a to-do list that’s a mile long and not enough time to finish it. J’s family is coming to our house for ThanksMas on December 6th (which also happens to be my birthday – I’ll be 30, and I’m not taking it well), and there is so much to do to get ready for them. Plus I’ve had a little surprise in the works for awhile that keeps getting postponed. I was all ready to tell you about it today, but I can’t get my camera card reader to work, and without pictures, it’s really not worth talking about. So here I am, ranting on my sadly neglected blog and dragging all of you down into the pit of despair with me. You should just ignore me…really, I advise you to stop reading. I’ll get over it, I promise. Maybe tomorrow.

I made a few Etsy purchases recently (well, maybe not so recently) that I have been remiss in showing you, so here they are.


These two fun vintage finds were purchased from Amy at Vintage Fern.


The recipe box is adorable and will match my kitchen perfectly. Plus I’m 99% sure my grandma had one exactly like it.


And you know I have a thing for stationary. Isn’t the chipmunk adorable? He’s my favorite.

You can find more beautiful things at Amy’s shop and blog.

And that gorgeous woodgrain fabric in the background? I got if from Judi at Plumtickled Fabrics. It will soon become two cushion covers for the living room. More about Judi on her blog, and don’t miss her adorable handmade goods available in her other Etsy store.


Did you?