Meet the newest member of our family.

Her name is Star.

Here’s the story (the short version). She was my mom’s cat. We got her when I was still in high school, which makes her about 12 years old. She’s also deaf (as white cats with blue eyes often are). Due to a recent change in circumstances (several recent changes actually), my mom couldn’t keep her. The thought of her going to a shelter and sitting in a cage for weeks made me sad…and the idea of her not finding another home broke my heart. (How many people would want to adopt a 12-year-old, deaf cat?) So, when I went back to Nebraska for our family reunion last month I picked her up and brought her home. The original plan was for me to find her a different home and keep her here in the meantime, but she’s so little trouble…and I’ve kinda grown attached to her…so she’s staying.