The season change is becoming more and more apparent every day around here. The leaves of Big Maple have begun to cover our yard and deck, and our forest-y buffer from the road is once again thinning. The nights have been rather chilly, prompting us to finally make the furnace purchase we’d been putting off all summer and to think more and more about the weather-proofing projects we’ve had lined up. So I thought I’d take this week to give summer one final hurrah and talk about some of the happenings that happened to happen when the weather was warm.

First up, the froggy pond. I can’t tell you how much time I spent over the summer just staring at the pond searching out its little froggy inhabitants.

We’ve had quite the little community this year. Several little guys were J’s rescue’s – either from the dogs or the mower – which he tenderly transplanted to the watery haven.

We were a little nervous at first. Not only because we thought we might have killed the lily pads (which are alive and prospering, thank goodness), but also because it took so very long for the first inhabitants to settle in. We were worried that our new froggy fountain was scaring them away. (How sad that would have been!) But apparently we were just impatient, for they came in their own time and have stayed there since.

We even got to watch several little guys mature from slimy little half-frogs to full-grown amphibians. They’re so tiny when they first start out!

That silly little pond has brought me so much joy this summer. I’m a little sad to say goodbye.