Hi everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

We spent ours with our dear friend Byron, who came to stay with us for a few days. It is so nice to have him back in the country! …And he brought more gifts!

First of all, these are the pajamas I mentioned before (the pink ones with the embroidery are mine – just in case you weren’t sure 🙂 ).

J's Chinese PJ's

My Chinese PJ's

Like I said, I had a hard time getting a good picture of them (maybe they’d look better if I’d actually ironed them! – oh well). I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a good photographer, and although I’m learning (and hopefully improving), lighting is still my biggest enemy. The sheen of this fabric gave me fits. I couldn’t get either of them to look good in a picture, so I just settled on the two best ones I had…Sorry for the poor quality.

As if that incredibly thoughtful gift wasn’t enough, this weekend he also brought us several kinds of tea and some tea snacks.

Chinese Tea and Treats

The chopsticks were part of the gift too. They’re called “lover’s chopsticks” – how sweet!

It’s all so pretty to look at that it’s going to be hard to actually eat/drink anything! Thank you so much, Byron! You’re awesome!