I picked up another frame today at Goodwill. This one was only $1.50! It’s my hope that seeing it sitting around the craft room will motivate me to give embroidery another try.

Thrifted Frame


On a slightly different note:

I’ve had an idea in my head ever since I did the kitchen shelf redo a couple weeks ago, and I’ve decided it’s about time I shared it with you. While I was hunting for treasure to display, I realized how much “stuff” I have stored away in boxes, bins, closets, and cupboards, and I really started to feel guilty. There’s absolutely no reason for me to be shopping – even thrifty shopping – with so many under-appreciated goodies stored away in my home. So I’ve decided to change things around a bit. For the next several weeks (or until I run out of “stuff”), instead of showing newly thrifted goods on Thrifty Thursday, I’ll be highlighting some of those long-forgotten treasures, and in the process I’ll (hopefully) be giving each one a new life – either in my home or in somebody else’s (more details on that to come).

Each item I discover seems to have a story to go with it. Whether it belonged to a loved one now gone or was originally discovered on some unforgettable outing with a dear friend, every item holds some special, personal meaning, and the reliving of each of these beloved memories is the part of this adventure that I’m most looking forward to sharing with you.

So I figured I might as well get started this week with a particular something I’ve been especially neglectful to over the years. In my searching, I found a bin that has been lugged around move after move, but the contents of which has rarely seen the light of day. Carefully stashed away inside was a set of dishes that once belonged to my grandmother.

Atomic Starburst Dishes

They weren’t her every-day dishes. In fact, I can’t ever remember her using them or even seeing them in her house until after she passed. Which is why I’ve considered letting go of them, in the hopes that someone else might be able to appreciate them more, but now that they’re out in my dining room I’m enjoying just looking at them when I pass by. So for now that’s where they’ll stay.

Part of the reason I get such a kick out of them is that they are so unlike anything I would imagine my grandma owning. She was a very traditional woman, and even though she married and set up house during the 50’s, “mid-century modern” is far from an accurate description of her style. Still, I think they’re beautiful..and they’re in perfect condition (which could be explained by the fact that I don’t remember them being used).

Atomic Mug

Many of the things I’ll be sharing with you came from my grandmother’s home. She was very special to me, and even though she’s been gone nearly eleven years now, I still find it hard to believe I’ll never see her again. I miss her dearly and cherish the things she left me and the memories…especially the memories.