Apparently I needed more time to recuperate than I thought. Where did the last week go? Well, let’s see…

Our good friend Byron returned to Indiana last weekend after spending the last year or so in Xiamen, China. We spent Monday with him and his family. It was so nice to talk to him again and to hear him play – he’s an amazing guitar player – seriously amazing. He’s also an incredible photographer. You can see some of his gorgeous China pictures here. He even brought us presents! Silk pajamas and chopsticks. I haven’t been able to get a good picture of them, but I’ll make sure to post them when I do.

Last night J and I went to Bloomington to see Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet (featuring Bela Fleck). Abigail is a member of Uncle Earl, who J and I saw at the Royal Theater in Danville earlier this year (though I apparently never blogged about it). It was a great show, and despite the fact that I was fighting an allergy fit all day, it was well worth going to see. You can hear their music here.

Then of course there were the storms. The entire state of Indiana (along with much of the Midwest) was hit by a record amount of rainfall at the end of last week, causing flooding all over the state. Luckily we’ve remained dry here, and none of our family or friends appear to have been seriously affected. The worst we suffered was a damaged tree and ruined peonies. And as sad as I was to not get the chance to enjoy my peonies this year, it seems pretty trivial in comparison to others’ worries. Driving south last night we passed house after house whose residents were desperately trying to salvage their water soaked belongings – and they were the ones lucky enough to be able to return to their homes already. Others are still under water, and the forecast is calling for still more rain tonight.

I have to admit that after a month of blogging every day it’s been nice to focus on other things this last week, but I have lots to talk about, so let the blogging resume!