Today the weather was gorgeous: sunny, but not too hot and with a light breeze, and I finally got to spend some time outdoors…

But I wasn’t exactly relaxing. I spent the day digging up perennial plants left over from the previous owner and finding new homes for them (mostly pots for now) so that we can use the space where they were planted for a vegetable garden. I thought it would be an easy job, that it would maybe take me half the afternoon…I was out there all day.

Most of the plants were herbs, and the more I dug up, the more I discovered (the area was horribly overgrown). There are so many there that I can’t possibly replant all of them, so I cut some to dry because I hate the thought of just letting them go to waste.

The herbs I could recognize (thyme, sage, mint, oregano) but there are so many other plants out there that I don’t have a clue about. What I need is a good plant encyclopedia, one with lots of pictures. Can anyone recommend one?