Has it really been three days since I last posted? How is that possible? I can’t believe that I could miss three whole days of the challenge….but apparently I did, so here’s what’s been going on:

  • Saturday J and I had some rental house business to take care of so we went back to the old homestead. It was a last minute trip, so we were both thrilled when we ran into and got a chance to hang out with a couple really good friends for the afternoon. The only bad thing was that for some reason my allergy medicine decided to quit working Friday afternoon, so I was fighting itchy, watery eyes and an itchy, sneezy nose. Just to give you an idea of how bad it was, we stopped at the local Humane Society’s annual rummage sale (being held in the goat barn at the fair grounds), and despite the multiple vintage embroidered wall hangings, basket of sewing patterns, and cute little mushroom salt and pepper shakers, I ended up leaving empty-handed because the only thing I could even think about was getting back to the box of tissues in the car. Damn allergies! We did have a great time with friends though, so the day was, overall, a good one. And that very same dear friend gave me several plants to add to my garden, which I am very excited about. (They’re in the ground and appear to be thriving – Thank you so much, Angie!)
  • The allergy situation hasn’t gotten any better, and I have way too much to do (things involving dust and dog hair) to be bothered with this crap, so part of my job for today is to try to find a new doctor and come up with a new solution. J keeps suggesting I get more information about allergy shots, but to be honest, the idea of getting regular shots for my allergies scares the heck out of me. Do any of you have to deal with this? Do the shots really work better than medicine?
  • Part of the reason I have so much to do is that another very good friend of ours is returning from an extended stay in China at the end of this month and is planning on staying with us (off and on) until he gets re-settled here in Indiana. We’re so excited to get to spend time with him again, and to eventually meet his new wife! But unless I get busy straightening up this house, he’s not going to want to hang around for long, at least I wouldn’t if I were him.
  • Speaking of straightening up the house, we FINALLY got the office finished. Well, maybe finished isn’t the right word. There are a lot of things that we still want to do, but it is at least functional. I’ll have some before-and-after pics soon.
  • With the office done, we can finally move on to the next big project: the garden. Yesterday J and I went to sears and dropped a considerable chunk on a few necessary tools to get the yard under control. We’re planning a (very) small garden this year. In fact, I’ll be happy if all we get planted is a tomato plant or two. My bigger concern is dealing with all of the overgrown plant life, the chipping paint on the deck, and the rotting wood around the existing beds (among other minor problems). It’s a big yard and therefore a big job…and unless my allergies get better, I’m gong to be worthless to J.

I think that pretty much covers it, and since I obviously have plenty of work to do around here, I better get to it. Till tomorrow!