Finally, I have pictures of the dishtowels I made for J’s mom for Mother’s Day. They aren’t the best pics, but I guess that’s what you get when you wait until the last minute and try to hurry and take a few shots when you’re already supposed to be in the car on the way to the recipient’s house. Oh well.

I originally wanted to do a “days of the week” set, but I had to be honest with myself and accept the fact that I had spent too much time thinking about what I wanted to do and not enough time actually doing it to be able to get seven towels done. So I made a set of three of my own design.

The “Cream and Sugar” one is my favorite, mostly because I love those fabrics (though my index finger still hurts from trying to sew through all the layers of the sugar cubes). I used reproduction fabrics for the appliqué, and the towels are undyed organic cotton ones I bought at target.

Looking at them now, I’m wondering if I should have added a fabric border to the bottom edge. They seem a little plain. It’s also pretty obvious that I need to practice stitching lettering…though it doesn’t look too terribly bad considering this was my first attempt.

Now that these are finished I can start working on the project I have planned for my own mom. Her birthday is later this month, so as always, she’s getting a combined Birthday/Mother’s Day gift (my way of getting back at her for giving birth to me so close to Christmas). I’m taking a trip back to my home state of Nebraska at the end of this month to meet up with her and other family members, so I have about three weeks to get her present finished…that should be enough time, right?…assuming I actually get started this week and don’t wait until the last moment like I usually do. I really need to work on that.