I had just crawled into bed for the night when I realized that I forgot to blog today, and being the hardcore blogger that I am, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I got up and wrote something. But now that I’m here, I’m starting to remember why I usually don’t write on weekends. Saturday and Sunday are pretty boring around here. The days are filled with all of the mundane chores that we’re never able to get to during the week, like mowing, painting, and grocery shopping. And since we moved away from all of our friends, the nights aren’t any more exciting. They usually involve a beer or two (or six), some TV, and if we’re feeling especially crazy, a game of darts or backgammon. Yeah, I know, we’re wild and crazy people.

We did manage to get out of the house Friday night. J and I have been trying to do a kind of “date night” on Fridays, which seems a little silly considering we don’t have any kids, so “date night” isn’t that much different than any other night of the week that we happen to go out, but I guess the point is that we make a point to leave the house at least one night a week (wow, we’re sounding pretty pathetic right about now, aren’t we?). Anyway…Friday night we had dinner at a local Japanese restaurant then went to see Smart People at the Arts Cinema. J has had a bit of a crush on Ellen Page ever since we saw Juno, so I knew that despite the fact that he is incredibly hard to please when it comes to movies, the simple fact that she was in this one would be enough for him to agree to see it. The movie was just okay, meaning that neither of us felt like we had wasted our time in going to see it, but we won’t be adding the DVD (or should I say Blu-Ray…is DVD to Blu-Ray as record is to CD?) to our collection.

And that was our weekend…Ta-Da! Hope yours was more eventful (in a good way, of course).