I’m joining Jenny (and many others) and trying to post once a day for the month of May. I’ve been trying to post more often lately, and hopefully the group support/inspiration will keep me motivated to keep writing. I’m not promising that every day’s post will be full of enlightenment or anything, most likely I’ll end up rambling about a lot of nonsense, but at least I’ll be writing. So here goes day two…


I took a trip to my local fabric mecca today and look what I came home with:

Gorgeous reproduction fabrics! They all have a very specific purpose, but I can’t talk about that just yet (certain people are listening).

I also stopped at Barnes & Noble and picked up this book:

It’s filled with beautiful flower designs, which should come in handy for a special, unmentionable project.

Now that I’ve got you all wondering, I must be off. These projects won’t make themselves, you know. Till tomorrow!