So, it’s about 7:30 on Monday morning and I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee and a low-fat, whole wheat, wild blueberry muffin from Whole Foods (turns out it wasn’t the muffins that gave me the allergic reaction I mentioned before, which has made me so happy cuz I love those damn things, but it was a very cute little 3/4 sleeved red sweater that I recently purchased without reading the tag to see the 15% rabbit hair label – stupid me)…anyway, I’m sitting here and I’m feeling a little frustrated with the amount of work we were able to accomplish this weekend. I feel like I spent all of my free time working on the office, and we still have a long way to go before it’s functional. Everything still needs to be painted, including the ceiling, the plugs and switches still need to be updated, the doors need to be replaced, and the new light fixture has to be installed – and that’s not counting the cabinetry and furniture that will eventually have to be purchased. So what the hell have I been doing? Well, let’s see…This weekend we ran cable (for internet) and a phone line to the room, then we primed all the walls and the trim, and before that we ripped out the hideous wallpaper, the rickety half-assed shelves, and the chair rail, patched and sanded the walls, and caulked the trim. It still doesn’t seem like we’ve done all that much for the time we’ve spent in that room. Oh well, whatever…I just want it done.

J also managed to get started on some oh-so-exciting lawn maintenance. He seeded the parts of the lawn that the dogs had destroyed and actually mowed the front (though it doesn’t look a whole lot different now than it did before he mowed). And more and more things are blooming all over the place. I was hoping to take some pictures yesterday or today, but it’s been too overcast and gloomy – Where the hell is the sun that the forecast promised me?  Good flower pictures need sunlight.

On an entirely unrelated note, did you know that this week is TV Turnoff Week? J and I have already agreed to try to participate. I have a feeling it might be harder for me than for him…not because I don’t have as many other things to do as he does, but because after a while the silence of this house starts to get to me and I usually turn to the TV just for the sound of other human voices (and this is the week Grey’s Anatomy returns to TV) but I’m going to do my best. J even made a trip to Barnes & Noble to get a couple books he’s been wanting to read. So I encourage all of you to give it a try – afterall, it’s only a week.