I can’t believe a week has gone by since my last post. Where did that time go? Cuz I don’t remember a whole week passing since the last time I was here. Oh well, so goes life…

As I alluded to in my last post, I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately and therefore a lot of things to talk about. I foresee a lot of changes in the near future, both in my life in general and here on this blog (which is kind of a reflection of my life in general, so I guess it makes sense that they would change at the same time). It all starts today with my “real” job. I’ve decided, after giving it much thought and then rethinking those thoughts to make sure I was thinking clearly, to take a different, less demanding position in the office. I’ve never said a lot on this blog about what I do during the work day, mostly because it doesn’t seem very relevant to what I talk about here, but in the interest of full disclosure (giving all of you a better picture of who I really am), I’ll tell you a little bit about it now. I work for a tutoring facility – one of those big, national chain tutoring companies – and up until today I was the managing director of our branch. It’s a big title that really doesn’t mean a whole lot, but I was being “groomed” (as they say) to take over as director of the entire facility. All that means is basically a lot of stress and a lot of hours for very little money – not exactly what I was looking for when I started there (as a part-time tutor) last fall. So I’ve decided to step down as m.d. and take a part-time position as coordinator of the exam-prep portion of the business (something I already did as m.d. and the only part of the job that I actually enjoyed). It means less money coming in on pay day, but it also means more time at home to focus on the things I’ve been putting off. A pretty good trade-off in my opinion.

So I should finally have the time to work on all the areas of the house that are in various chaotic, partially-finished states, and I hope to have lots to show all of you soon. And I can finally spend some time in the c-room, and hopefully get the etsy store I’ve been thinking about (and talking about – though not here) up and running. I’ve got big plans for the summer. And what I’m most looking forward to is spending time outside (as soon as the weather warms back up – brrr!). I can’t tell you how much we’ve been enjoying our little chunk of earth lately. This is our first spring in this house, and it’s so exciting to see all the little green things poking up and to wonder what they might turn into (cuz neither of us has a clue when it comes to identifying plants). Not to mention the little critters and the birds that call our woods home. We’ve seen catfish in the creek, mallard ducks, and even a blue heron! I love to sit on the deck and listen to the birds’ songs – so beautiful. I know we’re going to continue to enjoy this place for as long as we’re here.

There’s lots more to talk about the rest of the week. It’s April, which means Earth Day, Arbor Day, and a special someone’s birthday :). I have lots of “green” things to talk about and even some “green” crafting to share. So no more unplanned week-long absences, I promise.

Fresh flowers by my bedside – there are few things that make me happy like having fresh flowers in the house!