We had a great time in Kansas City this weekend! The wedding ceremony was probably the best I’ve been to…short and sweet with comic relief…and the rest of the night was just a blast. It was so good to see old friends and get a chance to catch up. It’s something I should have done long ago…but sometimes you need the excuse of a big event to make things happen.

One of the best parts about our stay was our hotel – GORGEOUS! We stayed at the Hilton President, and I can safely say that if we ever need to stay anywhere near KC again, this is where we’ll be. It was built in 1926, but was restored to its 1940’s condition (during which time KC was apparently quite the hoppin’ little town). I literally felt like royalty! The service was amazing! It’s a good thing we only stayed one night, cuz I could get used to that kind of treatment! J took a few pics to show his mom, so I thought I’d share them with you too:

Hilton President - Lobby

The Lobby (I am loving that rug!)

Hilton President - Drum Room

The Bar (of course)

Hilton President - Our Room

Our small, but comfortable room.
(Sorry, I didn’t get a picture snapped before one of us plopped down with the remote and mussed up the linens.)

Like I said, it was a great trip, and despite the long drive and the fact that I seem to have come down with something in the process, I would do it all again tomorrow.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the pups did just fine with grandma, though she said they ignored her for the entire first day…too busy pouting, I guess. Poor spoiled little things 🙂