I am sad to say that we spent most of our Easter Sunday gathering up all of last year’s information to send to the tax man. Not exactly my idea of a fun or relaxing day, but it had to be done, and since we’ve been rather busy lately (and will continue to be for at least the next week) we had to seize the only opportunity we could foresee having. But at least it’s done.

We did manage to have a bit of fun on Saturday night. J and I met up with a group of friends who we rarely get a chance to see since the move. We all gathered at an Italian restaurant in a near-by suburb and then headed to the Royal Theater to hear some music. The opening band was Bleu Django, one of our favorite local groups and an amazing Django Reinhardt tribute band (if you’ve never heard of Django, you can have a listen here), and the headliner was the Red Stick Ramblers, who neither of us had ever heard before. It was a great show and an awesome way to spend a Saturday night. How did you spend your Easter?