Natural Dye Easter Eggs

I have so many fond memories of Easter from my childhood: egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, patent leather shoes, and little oval shaped cakes with sugared bunny faces purchased from the local bakery. Although it’s no longer a holiday we typically celebrate at our house, I cherish the memories of many happy family dinners, and part of me wishes I could return to those times.

We did manage to have a small gathering at our home last year, and I got a chance to revisit an old tradition. These eggs were dyed with natural, vegetable dyes that I made myself. It was so much fun (although a little more work than the PAAS dyes I remember using). The colors were not as vibrant as I had hoped, but in the end I liked the earthy, subdued tones, and it was certainly fun to experiment with whatever I found in the fridge!

To all of you who celebrate this holiday, I send joyful, happy Easter wishes, and may you all enjoy a wonderful spring season!