I had a rather productive day yesterday. It started off like this:

Pumpkin Puffs

I finally got around to making the pumpkin muffins I’ve been craving. Toni at SimpleSparrow posted her recipe for them last month, and it’s taken me this long to give them a try, but they were definitely worth the wait….Delicious! In my typical fashion I forgot to add the cinnamon-sugar topping, which would have made them even better, I’m sure, but even without the added decadence, they hit the spot.

After breakfast, I finished another project that’s been in the works for a while now. Last year I bought two sets of stacking paper-mache boxes (like these, but square) to use as gift boxes. The plan was to paint the insides and cover the outsides with paper or fabric. I finished one set for J’s mom (so cute, with yellow insides and blue polka-dotted outsides…I wish I had taken pictures), but never found a use for the other, so they’ve been sitting in their naked state on my sewing table holding various bobbles. Then during my last trip to Michaels, I found the perfect paper (this one from Martha’s line). And the best part was that it had been clearanced for $1! I can’t believe I didn’t buy them out, but J was with me, and I was trying to show some restraint for his sake. So yesterday I finished covering the last one, and I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Covered Boxes1

Covered Boxes2

I also started my next little embroidery project…but I’ll have more about that next time. Until then!