Watercolor Doodle

Here it is, my first crafty attempt to celebrate National Craft Month. It’s a work-in-progress, and to be perfectly honest, it has been a WIP for a few weeks now. As I’ve made clear in the past, I am no artist and should never be mistaken for one. But every now and then I get a “wild hair” and have the urge to pick up a pen, pencil, or brush. The last time I exhibited this behavior, I ended up with what I would consider to be a cute little flowery, penciled doodle. Thinking it had potential to be something more, I went out an invested in a good set of artists pens, black ones in several different tip sizes, and traced over my pencil marks to darken the image. I then scanned it into my computer, hoping to someday be able to embroider well enough to make it into a pillow. And there it stayed.

But I still had the original, which just happened to have been done on watercolor paper. So the other day I dug out my watercolors and went to work. I have a hard time trusting my own judgment when it comes to color choices, so I keep walking away from it and coming back to add another color, then walking away for awhile again, then coming back and….well, you get the idea. Hopefully it will eventually be good enough to put in a humble frame and hang in some hidden corner of my house.

The inspiration for the design came from thrifted, Canadian coloring book from the 60’s. It’s full of amazing designs, and only a few of the pages are marked on. One of these days I’ll have to scan some of the pages and share them with you. After all, what good is having such an incredible find if you can’t share it?