You all know how I feel about the word “craft.” However, I am willing to put those feelings aside for a month in order to celebrate National Craft Month. Who knew such a thing existed? (Obviously I didn’t, since it took me until the month was one-third over to catch on.)

In honor of this worthy holiday I plan to start (if not finish) many of the projects I’ve been planning in the recesses of my mind, and I encourage you all to do the same. I hope to share my endeavors with you here, and I hope you will all share yours with me as well.

And just in case you’re in need of a little inspiration, here are a few of my favorite go-to spots for inspiring ideas: – Martha and I have a love-hate relationship. I hate her corrupt past, her personality (very annoying), and her morning television show. But at the same time, part of me wants to be her. I want to live her cooking, crafting, decorating, writing paradise-of-a-life. Regardless of my personal feelings towards her, she and her staff have put together a virtual encyclopedia of crafty ideas covering the gamut from making your own picture frames to block-printing your clothing. I could spend hours on her site gathering ideas (oh wait, I already have). – Want to learn how to make “yarn” from plastic grocery bags? How about making your own dry-erase doodle board from a windowed envelope? is THE site to go to for a conglomeration of good (well, interesting at least) ideas from around the web. You’re sure to find something that will make you look at the things you have lying around your house in a new and crafty way.
– An everything-under-the-sun kind of site for crafters and diy-ers around the globe, is the perfect place to see what other people are doing with their spare crafty time. All the ideas are user-submitted, and it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but pour a cup and hanker down for an afternoon of inspiration hunting and you’re sure not to regret the time lost.

Hope that helps get you started. Now, go get your craft on!