It was a strange one. I stayed home from work on Thursday due to what I believe was an allergic reaction to something I ate. It’s never happened before (and I’ll spare you the details), but I think I’ve narrowed the source down to a package of (sadly) delicious low-fat muffins I got from Whole Foods. I had been eating them every morning for breakfast, and if it hadn’t taken me until the day they were gone to realize that they were the cause of my discomfort I probably would have continued eating them – they were that good. I was even tempted to buy more while grocery shopping yesterday (after all, it’s not like I know for sure that they’re the culprit, right?)

So, since Friday is one of my regular days off, it was kind of like a long weekend for me. It just didn’t feel like long weekends usually feel (you know: relaxing, productive, kinda busy, but in a good way). I’m sure this is partly due to the fact that I was unwell for a good portion of it and partly because I had to go in to work for a few hours on Saturday, but mostly I think it had to do with my state of mind. For some reason I felt absent from my own life, like I was just going through the motions. Has this ever happened to you? Where you go into auto-pilot mode and wake up a few days later asking “what happened to my weekend?”

Even in my comatose state, I did manage to accomplish a few things:

I finally finished my first attempt at embroidery. I used this pattern from Vintage Transfer Finds, but since I don’t have a light box or a transfer pencil and couldn’t get the vintage dress-maker’s carbon I had lying around to work, I ended up just using the pattern as a guide and free-handing the bird onto my material with a disappearing pen. Then I added the branch in an attempt to make the bird look like it’s about to take flight. It’s by no means perfect, but I’m fairly satisfied with it as a first attempt. I would also have liked to make the bird blue, but I was limited to the embroidery thread I had lying around (which I believe is leftover from my friendship-bracelet-making days).

My First Embroidery


And it looks like I picked the perfect time to learn a new hobby. J just bought himself a PS3 and a game called Ratchet and Clank, so you can guess where he’ll be spending all of his free time for the next few months. (And after spending Friday evening watching him test the new system, I had a night of frighteningly strange video game related dreams. No more gaming before bedtime for me.)

Despite our respective distractions, J and I managed to do some work in the office. As I mentioned before, we had been stalled by a “stuff” dilemma, which we (temporarily) solved by dumping all of the office stuff into the dining room, to be dealt with at a later date. After that we had enough room to finish taking down the old wallpaper and tearing out the rickety homemade shelves and the poorly installed chair rail. Now we just have to prime and paint the walls, pick out and order the cabinetry, find a new light fixture, replace the door, get new blinds, and buy a desk. But at least we already have the paint!

Finally, last night we all (all four of us) cuddled up on the couch and watched Death at a Funeral. In typical Brit-humour fashion, it had us laughing out loud at times and a little repulsed at others. Overall, a fitting ending to a very strange weekend.

How did you spend your weekend?