Slowly (very slowly) I’ve been trying to make our house feel more like a home for us. Right now it just feels like a place where we eat, sleep, and watch TV….just a bigger storage space for us and our stuff than our last house. But I desperately want it to feel warm and cozy, like a sanctuary that is an extension of who we are. Achieving that takes time (and money), so I’ve been trying to gradually add bits of personality here and there. My biggest problem is that my plans border on schizophrenic. I’ve never been able to focus on just one thing until it was completed, but instead start a million different little projects at once leaving every corner of my house in utter chaos…

…How’s that bathroom reno coming along you ask? The project has stalled until the weather clears. Neither J nor I have any desire to stand outside in 20-degree weather cutting a new sub floor. (Turns out there was a very peculiar 4″ gap in the original hardwoods running the entire width of the room; that coupled with severe rotting made our dream of refinishable floors just that…a dream.) So it was on to other things.

We started working in the living room, since it had been the most neglected room thus far, and we wanted to be able to enjoy the fireplace. But there too things came to a halt when we realized how expensive window hardware is. (Seriously? $100/window? And that’s on the cheap end? I had no idea.)

So we began to tear out the hideous wallpaper in J’s office, which was actually less work than we anticipated. But after finishing one wall we realized that we probably should have cleared all the junk out of there before we started (picture wallpaper bits everywhere), but where to put it all in the mean time? So it remains one-quarter done.

My attention then turned to our entryway/upstairs landing, which is in dire need of some life. The dingy white walls were making both of us depressed, and if I have to look at the ugly, matching brass lanterns that hang as light fixtures in both areas for another month, I may very well go insane. My first step was to pick a paint color. I already had a kind of “inspiration piece” lying around. I had ordered this tablecloth from Anthropologie a month-or-so ago and had plans to turn it into a curtain for the single window in the upstairs landing. It was an idea I stole from the Jan/Feb issue of Cottage Living Magazine.

The inspiration:

Jan/Feb Cottage Living Magazine
According the the magazine’s sources, it’s not the one in the picture, but it looks the same to me. The tablecloth I ordered:

tablecloth curtain

I also ordered the matching napkins (no longer available online) which I plan to turn into pillows. And since our living room sofa is about the same shade of green as the tablecloth-curtains and napkin-pillows, I figured that would be the perfect color for the entryway walls. So I pulled out my handy-dandy Sherwin Williams color palette and started matching. I found two options, a lighter one that’s a little closer to the tablecloth-curtain called Wheat Grass and a darker one that’s closer to the couch and napkin-pillows called Antiquity.

Entryway Paint Samples

After picking up the handy-dandy Color To Go samples for each option, I applied a small square to every wall in the entry, just in case the light variations had an affect on my decision. We’ve been living with the samples for a week or so now, and I think it’s time to decide on a color before J accuses me of abandoning this project as well. I’m leaning towards Antiquity. What do you think?