I wish I had beautiful pictures of heart-shaped pancakes, or little heart cookies with pink frosting, or even a cute little card and some chocolate to post for all of you, but alas, Valentine’s Day is not much of a holiday around our house. J is one of those “it’s not a real holiday; it was made up by the greeting card companies” type of people, and I don’t care enough about it to argue with him. Normally I would have done something to make today a little special, but our working hours have been crazy lately. J left for work this morning before I even woke up, and since he’s currently working with two different clients, he’ll probably still be working when I get home (which won’t be until about 8:20 pm). So for us, today is just Thursday.

But…If I had the forethought to prepare something for the occasion and the time to enjoy my efforts, this is what our day may have been like:

There certainly would have been breakfast in bed, and hell, since I’m dreaming I might as well conjure up someone else to make it for us because getting up at the crack of dawn to make pancakes is not my idea of an improvement on my day, so…let’s say it looked something like this, and was prepared and brought to us on a tray by Drake (by the way, 10 points to anyone who knows that reference).

breakfast in bed

(You can find the recipe here.)

Then it would have been off to work (even in my dreams I can’t escape having to go to work), where we would send instant message love notes to one another…awh, how sweet. At precisely five o’clock, we would have returned home where a candlelit dinner awaited us. I’m thinking pork chops, veggies, something sparkly to drink, and a brownie dessert. This menu sounds about right.

Something sparklyPork and veggiesBrownie dessert

As for my vision of the rest of the evening, I think I’ll keep that to myself….

I hope all of you have plans to spend today with your special someone. And may your reality be as perfect as my dream!