Have I told you how much I love Target? No? Then let me tell you now: I Love Target!! I love Target as much as I hate WalMart, and boy, do I hate WalMart. Does that make me a discount store snob? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Hmm….

Target caters to the fashion-conscious middle class, offering well-designed clothing and decor at discount store prices. (Wow, I should be in marketing.) But seriously, I’m consistently amazed by the aesthetic quality of the goods I find in this store. And if you’ve never been shopping at a Target, there is no better time than the present to give it a try, for now is the time of the Global Bazaar. Here’s a little sampling of my favorites from this year’s stock:

green ceramic stoolblack cabinetyellow wall art

mirrored side tablefloral rugwooden side table

wood trunkgreen tripticblue vase

green leaf pillowcarved mirrorgreen vase


Another of my favorite Target sections is the $1 bin…you know, that section at the front of the store where they sell a mishmash of oh-so-useful things for one dollar (or sometimes slightly more). I am almost always able to find something worth my hard-earned money in that section. In fact, here is the booty from my latest trip.

$1 Target Finds

I bought two sets (24 sheets) of gorgeous pastel paper (not sure what it will become yet, but I’m sure it will be something beautiful). There’s also two small white bowls to add to my collection of white kitchenware, a small pad of sticky notes with a pretty little French design, and a package of magnetic clips that I plan to use in my craft room (when I get around to organizing it….remember, baby steps). All of that for around $6! You can’t beat that for bargain shopping.

Speaking of my latest Target trip, I have to bring up one area of dissatisfaction with the store. My purpose for this visit was to pick up a gift for a friend’s baby shower using her gift registry, which I did (or at least thought I did) successfully. I got them this adorable baby sling…turns out so did someone else. And to make matters even more hilarious, another friend bought them a different baby sling, leaving them with a total of 3! Much joking ensued and all was well. However, my disappointment with Target’s gift registry remains. Tsk, tsk Target, tsk, tsk.

Despite this minor inconvenience, Target remains one of my favorite all-purpose shopping destinations. And I’m sure you’ll hear more about my Target purchases in the future….(maybe the very near future, cuz I’m thinking that mirror would look perfect in the living room….)