Reading The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. It’s the first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy. Yes, it’s a children’s book, but we went to see the movie a month-or-so ago, and I was eager to see if Pullman’s literary style was as impressive as the movie was. It isn’t. It’s mostly the way Pullman chooses to tell the back-story, the events that happened before the book began, that bothers me. The movie did a much better job of revealing the important details at the appropriate times. But I’m only about half-way through the first book, so I won’t make too harsh a judgment yet. At least I won’t have to wait for the second movie to find out what happens next!

The Golden Compass

Baking Oatmeal Raisin Squares. J recently found out that his cholesterol is a little higher than it should be, so his regular chocolate chip cookies (along with many of his other favorites) have been off-limits. These bars, however, are quite heart healthy, especially when you replace the butter with a cholesterol-free vegan substitute as I did. I also made a few other changes to the recipe. I didn’t have dark brown sugar, so I used light, and I didn’t have a lemon in the house, so I threw a handful of dried cranberries in with the raisins (don’t ask me why, but it seemed like a perfectly reasonable substitute at the time). And in my regular fashion of forgetting at least one ingredient every time I bake something, I forgot to add the vanilla. Still, they were quite tasty. You can get the recipe here.

Oatmeal-Raisin Squares 4

Making my Christmas decorations and gifts for this year (see here). At the speed I’ve been working they may actually be finished in time for the holidays….maybe. I don’t want to give away too much, but here’s a sneak peek.

Xmas Sneak Peek

Playing in the snow with my two precious pups, Abi and Foster. They love the snow! And we have so much fun chasing each other and throwing snowballs (well, J and I throw the snowball and they try to figure out where it went after it hits the ground).

Foster and Abi in the Snow

Learning how to embroider. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for years. I’ve always admired the beautiful handwork on the vintage linens I received from my grandmother (like the gorgeous, albeit wrinkly, tablecloth in the picture above). I don’t have anything worth showing you yet, but expect more about this soon.

Thinking about prettifying my linen closet as part of my larger baby-steps to organization project. I’m thinking this is the perfect opportunity to try out my new faux bois tool. After all, if it doesn’t turn out, who’s gonna see it? And if it does, maybe I’ll actually start storing my linens in there.

The Linen Closet

Blogging less often than I would like to. The funny thing is that it’s not due to a lack of time, but rather a lack of anything to talk about (yes, we are really that boring!). But I have a feeling all that’s about to change. Things seem to be on the upswing around here…but more about that later.