That’s right, I mean “crafty.” I hate using the word “craft” in reference to that certain pastime I enjoy. “Crafty” conjures up images of little old ladies with plastic canvas tissue box covers and angels made from clothespins. This is not the image I want to portray. I like to think of my projects as being much more sophisticated than the word “crafty” allows for, but I’ve yet to come up with a suitable replacement term. I would say “artsy,” but that gives the very wrong impression that I have some unnatural talent or that the end product of my endeavors could in some way, shape, or form be considered art, which I assure you it cannot.

I make things out of other things typically for non-practical uses purely for my own enjoyment, but I am not “crafty.” I even hesitate to call the room that has been devoted to these purposes the “craft room,” although it has taken on that name for lack of a better one.

Maybe I’m just struggling to hold on to some strand of dignity, and maybe I should let go and admit the fact that I like to *gulp* craft, but I cannot…I will not. As long as I have breath I will continue to speak out against the use of the word “crafty” to describe all that is handmade, for the young and dexterous deserve a category all their own….if only I knew what it was.


It’s rather embarrassing, but my latest project has been Christmas-related. I was so upset with myself for not accomplishing anything before Christmas that I decided to give myself a nice head start for next year. So I made a list of several projects I’d been meaning to try and ordered all the materials I needed, and now my work table looks like this:

Christmas Craft Supplies

It may actually take me until next Christmas to complete all that I have planned for these bits and bobbles, but I am bound and determined to finish! And since I’m sure you’re all thoroughly engrossed, I promise to keep you updated on my progress.