New Belgium

Despite the prevalence of “Colts-mania” in Indianapolis and the fact that most Indiana residents would consider me some kind of traitor, I cannot call myself a fan of the Indianapolis Colts. In fact, I wouldn’t call myself a sports fan at all. I don’t really understand most sports (or the people who watch them religiously), and to be honest, I don’t have any desire to. This is especially true for televised sports. I can understand the draw of sitting in a stadium full of other crazed fans and the adrenaline rush that must give some people, but why would anyone want to spend an entire afternoon (and with pre-game shows and post-game shows you can literally spend an entire afternoon) watching a game from your living room. Isn’t it enough to just know the score once it’s over?

Lucky for me, J is not an avid sports-watcher. Rarely will you find a sporting event of any kind on our television. Occasionally he finds a game of enough social significance that he’s willing to admit his desire to tune in, and in those instances how can I complain? I’m just thankful that these days are few and far between. Today, however, was one of those days. Apparently the Colts are playing a pivotal game, so we spent the afternoon in front of the TV, I with my laptop and J with his Fat Tire. (By the way, thanks again to S and D for the New Belgium Christmas gift and to mom for the glasses to complete the experience.)

Garlic-marinated Chicken Cutlets with Grilled Potatoes

We did manage to get in a good meal before kickoff. J and I tried another new recipe from his favorite cookbook (the one from Everyday Food magazine). It’s divided into season-appropriate sections, and although we usually try to stick with the current season, the nasty weather of late caused J to dip into the summer recipes, hoping it would provide some much needed sunshine (or at least the illusion of sunshine). So we tried Garlic-Marinated Chicken Cutlets with Grilled Potatoes, which you can also see here. We used our indoor grill for the chicken and asparagus, but had to roast the potatoes in the oven. Still, it turned out amazingly well. I highly recommend it.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! Enjoy what’s left of your time off!