Last Sunday we decided to spend some of the Christmas money we got from family. Normally I wouldn’t buy anything practical, but would spend it all on frivolous, fun items. However, we are in desperate need of rugs, and when I saw this one at Lowes I couldn’t pass it up. So, thank you Dad & Deb for the beautiful new rug!

Christmas Rug

The picture shows it in the entryway, but it’s really too big for that space (it was just the only unobstructed place to roll it out for the picture). We’ll move it to the dining room after we clear out all the mail that’s piled up in there.

We actually had to make two trips to Lowes to get the rug home, and it was on the second trip that J spotted this:

Bedroom Rug

Another beautiful rug! And on clearance, too! It was exactly what I had been looking to find for the bedroom. So, thank you Ma & Pa for the perfect bedroom rug! Our feet and our floors thank you all!